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What can be done?

image-13Although not always successful a good attorney can convince the other side that a deal might be made to allow the cop to keep his/her entire pension. Naturally the cop gives up certain claims to marital property. Child support is by statute, no matter what any person states, the Courts must follow the statute (exceptions can however be made under certain circumstances, and parties can “opt out” of the child support statute as well). When it comes to pensions, and the rest of our retirements benefits there are bargains which can be made. For the sake of past, current and future clients I may not reveal such strategies on a public forum. Needless to say, a person needs a former cop to represent him or her in a divorce, given all that is at stake, experience counts.

Ehrenzweig Law can and has successfully negotiated settlements a cop needs to protect his/her assets. 

 Prenuptial Agreement (“Prenup”). A Prenup is always a good idea to protect your pension and other retirement assets. This however is a personal decision to be made by the cop and his/her prospective spouse. It is admittedly difficult to ask a prospective spouse, whom you are planning to spend the rest of your life with, that you want him or her to sign a document “in case you divorce.” There are again strategies which may be used. They however are not for a public forum. A Prenup however is your best protection, if done correctly and the marriage does not work out, you will not lose all you have worked for.

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