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Hugh Ehrenzweig has also appeared in the NYS Appellate Courts in the First and Second Departments. Ehrenzweig has won the last three appeals in which he has submitted briefs:

  • Ehrenzweig had the NYS Appellate Court overturn a Magistrate and a Family Court judge in their calculation of fees that his client had to pay child support.  The Family Court judge really overcharged Ehrenszweig’s client in his decision. In asking that the Magistrate and the family court judge be overturned, the Appellate Division sided with Ehrenzweig over the two of them.  Moreover directed the both of Magistrate and a Family Court judge in computing the correct figure.
  • Ehrenzweig had a Supreme Court judge overturned for dismissing a case when the Supreme Court Judge should not have done so and the case was restored to the calendar.
  • Ehrenzweig had the Family Court overturn the amount of attorney fees his client was ordered to pay his opposition counsel.

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