image-13The Law Office of Hugh B. Ehrenzweig represents the public for divorce, child custody and child support. With extensive experience in representing police officers, including protecting police pensions, police disciplinary procedures, police retirement benefits, police disciplinary matters and divorce, child custody and child support.

Hugh B. Ehrenzweig
Attorney at Law
“For those unaware, the flag is still there”
Source: The National Anthem by Madison Rising


8655932Ehrenzweig qualifications are as follows:  Ehrenzweig graduated cum laude from New York Law School and has been practicing law for over two decades.  Since that time has handled numerous matrimonial, support, custody cases, and appeals.  Ehrenzweig has additionally been appointed by the courts in cases of guardianship matters, due to his experience as a Lieutenant of a NYPD Detective Squad (which cases which cases should not be spoken of). Ehrenzweig has also handled violent criminal cases where clients have had to do prison time. Ehrenzweig has appeared in actions including: matrimonial, custody. support matters, and personal injury cases. Ehrenzweig has also appeared in matrimonial, custody. support matters, and personal injury cases the Supreme Court in Bronx, Dutchess, Nassau, New York, Orange, Putnam, Queens, Suffolk, and Westchester Counties. Ehrenzweig has additionally appeared in family court in the above counties and Staten Island. Further, Ehrenzweig has United States District Courts, for the Eastern and Southern Districts.  Additionally, Ehrenzweig have perfected appeals in the First and Second Departments of the Appellate Division of NYS, and made application to the Court of Appeals. Ehrenzweig has also represented police officers in the trial room and other civil servants in disciplinary proceedings. He have saved pensions for civil servants, jobs for clients and even obtained custody of a dog for one client.

Mr. Ehrenzweig is an attorney practicing in Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, Orange, the five boroughs and the surrounding NY counties.  To understand his practice is to understand his biography.  His belief is that you fight fire with water, not fire.

Mr. Ehrenweig attended undergrad school at Iowa State University.  Thereat he developed an interest in the martial arts.  He learned their tenants:  Courtesy; integrity; perseverance, self-control and an indomitable spirit.

2396365Mr. Ehrenweig fell in love with the art and in record time achieved his 1st degree Black Belt.  This was not from a karate school on every street corner, but from the Grandmaster, who was the student to the man who gave the name to the martial art, Taekwondo.  As different as it sounds Mr. Ehrenzweig was seen hitting himself on the shin and stomach with a hammer.  He was asked to try out for the 1978 Olympics where the first Taekwondo competition was to be held.  His instructor told him “No, we don’t fight for trophies, or glory, or honor, only for self defense.  Mr. Ehrenzweig declined the invitation to participate in the Olympic tryouts.

Having graduated undergraduate school, Mr. Ehrenzweig went on to work in a health club and taught at one of the largest Taekwondo schools in Westchester County (what does this have to do with being a lawyer? Getting there!).

Eventually Mr. Ehrenzweig joined the New York City Police Department.  Therein he effected hundreds and hundreds of arrests. Including arrests for illegal guns, weapons, robberies, burglaries, and all sorts of violent crimes.  Ehrenzweig was promoted to Lieutenant and in charge of several Detective squads wherein they arrested persons who are better left unnamed.  This included interstate drug traffickers, corrupt government officials, and organized crime persons.

Throughout this entire period Mr. Ehrenzweig learned one other lesson: “Intensity.”  Anyone who knows him describes Ehrenzweig as a pit bull, polite, kind, but a pit bull when necessary.

During his time as a Detective with the NYPD, Mr. Ehrenzweig went to law school at night.  He graduated Cum Ladue.  When he passed the bar examine on the first try, he was in the top 2% of the nation.

Now as a practicing attorney, Ehrenzweig be brings the lessons he learned as a student of the martial arts, a Lieutenant in the NYPD and his Intensity to his work.  Ehrenzweig practices law and also specializes in divorce, and custody cases.  Ehrenzweig deals with pension and retirement issues that which with only cops can be familiar. Ehrenzweig deals effectively with orders of protection which are used by a spouse as a sword rather than the shield it was meant for.  And Ehrenzweig brings this Intensity to all his cases and his clients.

image-9Moreover, due to his law degree, Ehrenzweig was drafted into the Internal Affairs Bureau.  He is proud to say that he has saved more jobs than he has cost.  Yet, Ehrenzweig is not ashamed that he did arrest drug dealers in uniform, and/or other “police” breaking the law, including federal law enforcement.  Moreover, due to his time in IAB, Ehrenzweig knows the system, and knows how the “draftees” work, and has represented cops in PG’s and  cops (non NYPD) in the equivalent of the trial room.  If your job is important to you, Ehrenzweig is the man to call.

Thus, as an attorney, Ehrenzweig brings this Intensity into everything he does.  He will research cases for hours just to prove his client is right.  Ehrenzweig, has won trials, and appeals. Ehrenzweig has even had the wife in a divorce case ordered to pay the husband’s legal fees, more than once, and both times his client, the husband was a cop.  Ehrenzweig has appeared in State and Federal Court, not to mention the Appellate Divisions of the First and Second Departments in NYS.  Ehrenzweig will do whatever it takes, so long as it is legal and ethical, to win a case for his client.

If you want a fighter, a real fighter, who has been in and won real fights, Ehrenzweig is your man.

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